the girl with the sun in her eyes
Lucy "Lucky" Karoonda
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The bludger?

*laughs* Aiming for my head helped win them the match. Maybe they played a little dirty, but that’s the name of the game. I’d do the same… and that is what I had Glenny do again the snakes. *smirks slightly, shaking his head and leaning down, giving her a small kiss* and I’m thankful for my spitfire girl. *smiles mirthfully* If anyone’s mean to me, should I just sick you on them?

*pouts* You know, come to think of it, I am feeling a bit weak. You could bring me to bed and nurse me back to health. *winks, pulling his bottom lip in slightly*

Sometimes it’s necessary to play dirty but to hit a bludger at your head - you, specifically - does not sit well with me. I wish we were facing them again to teach him once and for all. -sighs and nods her head- I know, I know, I know…-she smiles a little against his lips- What can I say, you tend to ignite a fire in me. -she grins and nods her head- Oh, yes. They’ll wish they were never born once I’m done with them. No one will dare send anything towards your head again.

-smiles, amused- I’d love to hear what you’re idea of “nursing you back to health” would entail. Something tells me it’s not what Madame Pomfrey would do in the same situation.

*she nods, doing her best to take it all in and smiles* That’s pretty cool. So if someone catches the snitch, they basically win? How much are the points if you score?


Usually they do win, but if the team who catches the snitch is losing by more than 150 points you’re still going to lose. Like this past match, Hufflepuff was losing 250 to 550. I caught the snitch which brought us to 400, but that wasn’t enough to win the game. One quaffle through a ring is 10 points each.

Do you like to watch quidditch?

“Isn’t it strange how it all happens? All my life I’d dreamt about the bright lights, the big city. You know, they tell you it’s going to be glamorous, and they tell you that you have everything, and no one tells you how lonely it’s going to be, and they don’t tell you, when you’re twirling in front of the mirror as a child, what the papers are going to say about you someday. ‘Cause they don’t tell you they’re building you up just to try and knock you down. But they haven’t yet.”


Comes and goes? That is not something good… prolonged sickness can hint at deeper problems… You should go talk to Madam Pomfrey, it is better to be safe than sorry. -rummages through her pack, pulling out a small vial of pink liquid before mixing a tiny drop into Lucy’s cup- This should help… here, take the vial. Just a drop will do. -rolls it to her, smiling- 


I do not see why anyone would wish to leave this place… It is in a word, magical. The world is unknown to most of us… It will be a new adventure. -smiles sweetly-

I know that’s a possibility…I guess I just keep thinking it’ll go away. I’ll visit her soon, I promise. -she smiles gratefully- Thank you so much, Ella, you’re an angel. -she takes the vial then takes a sip of her tea, immediately feeling better- It’s already helping! You’re a lifesaver. 

It really is, isn’t it? I’m going to miss the little things, like the picturesque landscapes and the free food. -she laughs- It will be, yeah. Do you know what you’re doing after graduation?

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Ha! As if I’d let this pass. [laughs] Yes, his ego got a blow alright. But he’ll be fine physically, the git. 


I know, I know. It’s a lost cause even trying to tell you to lay off of him at least a little. -she sighs and shrugs with a smile- He’ll be fine so have at him. I’ll fluff his ego again after you’re done.

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Good morning.